Reviews of the Highway 300Di

Hey, we know it's not internet radio, but it is cutting-edge...
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Reviews of the Highway 300Di

Postby jonh » Sun Jan 15, 2012 11:57 pm

A few reviews of the new Pure Highway 300Di are now appearing:

Pocket Lint
"Rather than being a mere follow up to the original Pure Highway, the 300Di is a complete solution rather than just an adapter; integrating not only your car radio but USB media and your iPhone as well. The system comes in three parts, which a trained engineer will have to fit for you – Pocket-lint's review model was installed by a Halfords engineer......"

Trusted Reviews
"many cars use highly integrated hi-fi systems, which might incorporate the feed from the trip computer or even a built-in satellite navigation system. Upgrading something like this with a standard single- or double-DIN unit could lose you some important functions. So how do you add the latest audio features, such as DAB radio and iPod connectivity? Look no further than Pure's Highway 300Di, which can add a host of useful functions to your existing hi-fi...."

"It’s a neater, more sophisticated proposition that is installed by an engineer in a roughly hour-long process. Until March 2012 it’s exclusive to Halfords. After then it will spread to other retailers, probably including your friendly local indie dealer. Installation prices may vary but expect to pay from about £25.
The benefit of going down the installation route is that most of the hardware is hidden away. The supplied antenna has been designed to improve DAB reception too. It uses the roof as a grounding plane, while active amplification compensates for signal loss as it passes through the glass. A conventional antenna is available for cars with soft-top or aluminium roofs."

If you have half-an-hour to spare, you can watch the Pure offical launch of the 300Di on Youtube, or there is a three-minute promo video here

The 300Di is currently only available from Halfords.

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