WMA Transport Controls

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WMA Transport Controls

Postby martindaler » Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:56 pm

Following the lively debate over at Reciva, transport controls (lack thereof) is clearly an issue worth understanding.
Like many (I suspect) the ability to pause, rewind or fast forward BBC listen again material was a great feature. Roberts are fully aware of the attractiveness of such a feature, else why would they make such a noise about their "Pause Plus" feature on their reguar DAB radios?
I used the feature on my Reciva radio (now a brick) whenever pillow-talk interrupted my listening peasure. Now I feel a certain tension as the denouement approaches on the one ear, whilst on the other I hear the intake of breath presaging more rabbit.
What is the technical issue? Why can my Robert 83i offer transport control for stuff streamed off my NAS drive, but not over the internet? Is is fixable in firmware? My guess is that it can be fixed, if enough people make enough noise.

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