Roberts 64i stream not streaming since Win10 upgrade

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Roberts 64i stream not streaming since Win10 upgrade

Postby billpete » Tue Sep 08, 2015 1:35 pm

For many years I’ve streamed music via wi-fi from my PC to my radio (initially a PURE radio, now a Roberts 64i Stream). I also stream from my PC to my TV.
Since upgrading to Windows 10, Windows Media Player sees all folders in the Libraries on my PC as being empty when searching from the client (i.e. radio or TV) so I am unable to play music or watch TV using WMP as the server.
If I use WMP and use the ‘Cast to device’ option, music does play, but there are frequent pauses of up to 10 seconds and every other track is skipped. Even in a playlist of 200+ every other track is skipped.
I’ve tried Twonky server and that does see all the files within folders, however on playback every few minutes music stops and the display on the radio says either ‘Loading...’ or ‘network error’ the only option then is to switch off at the mains.
I’ve tried a wired connection and get exactly the same results.
Roberts tech support conclude it’s a problem with Win10, and as both radio and TV are affected I’m inclined to agree.
Anyone got any ideas please?

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