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Re: New BBC streams

Postby Sparks » Tue Sep 08, 2015 11:32 am

I'm a newbie here.. but I've been hovering for a while over a purchase of a Roberts Stream 107 FM/wifi radio. I read that the Beeb were changing the format of their streamed content such that a Roberts radio would not be able to decode it.. Ouch.. I wrote to Roberts Technical Help Desk to ask what their company's response would be to the proposed new format - and received this helpful reply from them a few weeks ago:

Recommended models are: Stream 93i, Stream 207, Revival iStream 2.

The BBC are working on implementing their final plans, using a format called MPEG-DASH. Roberts are anticipating this change in the near future, and are working on supporting this format.

The most recent ETA published by the BBC was ‘this summer’; however, we have been informed this has been postponed.

Once the BBC have released updates on their side, we can start verifying the compatibility of our products and ensure software will be in place.

Once any software updates have been released, your radio unit should automatically download these (if automatic updates have been enabled).

Hope this helps.


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