Stream 63i-Transport controls not working in Music Player

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Stream 63i-Transport controls not working in Music Player

Postby distressedsteve » Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:19 am

I've just set up a UPnP server and have connected to it with the Music Player mode on my Stream 63i and I can play mp3 files. However, some of the transport controls are not working. Specifically, to rewind or fast-forward within a music track you have to press and hold those buttons but they just skip to the previous/next track as if I had just pressed and released the button. The same happens whether I use the touch buttons on the unit or if I use the remote control buttons. I have connected to the same server using my Stream 83i and the buttons function as they should.
Also on the 63i, the stop button does nothing (there is no equivalent button on the 83i).

Has anyone else seen these problems with the Stream 63i ?

I'm loath to do a factory reset but it may have to be the next thing to try.


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