Constant "ticking" on BBC R3 stream?

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Constant "ticking" on BBC R3 stream?

Postby dub45 » Fri Jul 13, 2012 12:33 am

As per the subject title I have been getting a constant ticking on R3 for quite some time now and it makes listening to the station very unpleasant indeed and I as wondering if many others are getting this problem?

This started happening to me on a Stream 202. I have written to Roberts about it and also to Frontier Silicon as they appear to supply only one R3 stream option. I have had no reply from either.

I have also tried communication with the BBC to no avail.

The problem does not appear specific to the Roberts. I have lucky enough to have a Pure Avanti Flow and it also has the same problem except when using the HD streams.

For example this link has the "ticking" :

However this one doesn't: (but it cannot be used with the Roberts as they do not apparently provide for the aac format)

Unfortunately the latter stream has become pretty problematical lately!

I would be grateful if anybody could let me know if they are experiencing similar problems.

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Re: Constant "ticking" on BBC R3 stream?

Postby Professor » Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:17 am

Unless it is my old ears, there is no ticking when the first link is played on my PC, which is what I would have expected, as I think you will find it is not actually transmitted on the stream.
Ticking and clicking has been a problem on many platforms in the past, especially Reciva Wi-Fi radios. It has in almost every case been narrowed down to the radio picking up and amplifying network noise or data from the router, which usually happens in ticks or crackles that coincide with the radio topping up its buffer.
Moving the radio/router or shielding has sometimes helped, as has changing routers or router channel.
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Re: Constant "ticking" on BBC R3 stream?

Postby dub45 » Fri Jul 13, 2012 3:05 pm

I have got the ticking on different radios as I pointed out in the post - both on the stream and on an Avanti flow.

I get also get it on the r3 stream on my iphone using the tune in radio app over 3g sl that should rule out my own bb connection as being a culprit.

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