Last.FM - does anybody use this feature?

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Last.FM - does anybody use this feature?

Postby martindaler » Fri Mar 04, 2011 12:40 pm

Just curious about what proportion of users use the Last.FM functionality on the 83i. More generally, what do you all use your radio for, and what do you like/dislike?

For myself, it is a bedside alarm-clock radio. I have never bothered with Last.FM
I mostly use the radio to listen to BBC R4 or World Service, both live streams and especially podcasts.
Occasionally I also use it to listen to music off my NAS drive.
I use it over wi-fi only, never used the ethernet or USB sockets.

Things I like about the 83i: :D
Configurable alarms which I can set weekday/weekend different, and also specify alarm source and volume.
Easy to use menu structure, far better than the Pure Evoke on the other side of the bed!
Tactile physical buttons which I can operate without really having to wake up or open my eyes...
One-touch station presets
Decent sound quality
Reliable and stable
Included remote

Things I like less (mostly minor gripes except first one or two): :cry:
No transport control on podcasts/listen again - this is my biggest annoyance
Poor brightness control (levels and logic) unsuitable for bedside use (I drape a black cloth over the display)
Can not set default on sleep timer, and no one-touch
Can not switch on directly from preset buttons
Slow to change internet stations
GMT/DST does not auto-update from network
Clock drifts significantly despite being set to auto-update - this is an issue since can not rely on BBC pips to set watch accurately unless listening to FM
LCD display has poor viewing angles - set it for viewing from the pillow and it looks kack from above.
Pig-ugly (with apologies to all porcines)

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Re: Last.FM - does anybody use this feature?

Postby echelon » Mon Dec 26, 2011 3:21 am

May I belatedly bump this thread?

As well as asking if anyone uses the capability of the 83i, do such enlightened individuals benefit from the "Your Loved Tracks" option actually appearing as within the 'Station List' menu?

Because on my 83i, it's just not there. Missing from the list.

So, annoyingly, if you declare your 'Love' for a track either on the radio itself, or on the website, such a grouped status list doesn't show up. Which is a pain, because it deprives thia user of a genuinely-useful function...

Any theories?

An excellent radio- my first-ever new Roberts. And it is absolutely excellent!!

Will post/read more on this evidently-useful forum, I'm sure.


ps hello, and happy Xmas to all!
pps Aha! Is it maybe a free-voucher-undocumented-missing-feature??!

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Re: Last.FM - does anybody use this feature?

Postby Matthew74 » Mon Dec 26, 2011 9:22 pm

I must admit that for me,the feature is not that good. I used the free voucher that came with the radio and I found it to be barely adequate,it kept repeating the same few songs over and over,even though I had not selected anything.So needless to say I did not take up the option to buy the subscription. But I am not fussed about it,as I did not purchase the radio for that,after all with all the stations on the web,you will be hard pressed not to find something that you like.
I do find myself using the USB port quite a lot,as well as the music player,streaming form my router which has a USB socket on it,so with all that,I find the loss of to be a trivial matter at worst :)


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Re: Last.FM - does anybody use this feature?

Postby Kronalias » Tue Dec 27, 2011 6:33 pm

Like Matthew I wasn't too struck on and, like him, I stream music from UPnP servers on other bits of kit around the house.

I also stream whatever audio is playing on any PC (typically a headless Zbox ID41) to my 83i's. If anybody's interested in how this is done then I've written it up on Launchpad HERE

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