I cannot seem to register a Pure siesta flow radio

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I cannot seem to register a Pure siesta flow radio

Postby andy_from_ireland » Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:11 pm

Hello I just bought a Pure Siesta Flow radio second hand. Plugged it in and found wireless network, then wanted to update to V5.0 so i let it do that. The first thing I thought I should do after that is do a factory reset so I done that - when it booted up again I had to search for the wi-fi and let it do that, but I found it hadnt deleted the stored favourites which I was surprised at, I would have thought a factory reset would have deleted stored favourites in the radio itself but it didnt so I went into menu and chose 'delete favourites' and chose yes. But after that the favourites are still there. So then I tried to register the radio with my existing Pure Account. Strangely the radio still lists things in its menu as 'Pure Lounge' and you would think as its version 5 software it would have changed 'pure lounge' for 'pure connect' like with their other one flow radios because pure lounge has been defunct for ages. So I went into my pure connect account and got the code and put that into the radio but all the radio says is registration not accepted check the code - but I have put the code in correctly. Any ideas?

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