Evoke ver. 5.0 - search bug

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Evoke ver. 5.0 - search bug

Postby DrSchoen » Wed Feb 18, 2015 10:22 pm

When trying to search for stations, the display goes back to the favourites menu without conducting the search. Has anyone else encountered this problem and found a solution?

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Re: Evoke ver. 5.0 - search bug

Postby pluto » Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:58 pm

Furthermore, the search function badly needs a system of 'accelerators' of some kind. When searching a media server containing thousands of tracks, you need a means of jumping, for example, directly to "M" not winding a knob for ages and ages and ages and ages until you have given yourself RSI to get to the middle of the alphabet.

All it really needs is for a search for "M" to be treated as a search for "m*" i.e. everything that commences with "M" and this alone would make things far easier. Right now the search will fail unless the match is precise.

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