scrolling display on evoke F4

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scrolling display on evoke F4

Postby carnivale » Fri Apr 25, 2014 7:22 pm

just purchased my first internet radio, and i have a problem :

i set some favourites on the "pure connect"

i initially managed to save one : Radio Classique , a french station

all went well and i could listen to my favourite station with the scrolling display , showing me the piece being played as well as the composer and the artists performing it

however, now , after having saved more station in " my favourites" , i no longer get the scrolling display

However if i go into the live radio , ( not yet saved in "my favourites " ) i do get the scrolling display ..
but as soon as i try to access the same station through " my favourites" the scrolling display does not function

Can anyone help me to correct this situation : i wonder if did some kind of manipulation which blocked the scrolling display in "my favourites " section

any help greatly appreciated

P.S. the scrolling display , also works on the Digital Radio ..

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Re: scrolling display on evoke F4

Postby drewandy » Thu May 01, 2014 3:01 pm


I have found some internet radio stations show all of the song/artist information while other don't.

Most of the live DAB (some FM) radio stations display the information.

Anything in the menu... settings/display/information... that has changed ?

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