Sensia and Sensia 200d

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Sensia and Sensia 200d

Postby Herali » Mon Oct 08, 2012 2:28 pm

Hi all,
I own a Sensia and I think it'd be the perfect bedside radio if only Pure considered it as such. I mean an (albeit rudimentary) internet access (check your mails with rss-feeder, access the latest news etc.) before you go to bed and after waking up, access to time just by tapping on the large screen, go to bed while listening to a podcast and wake up with the news on radio; yes, it could be a very comfortable alarm clock, if only it had an alarm feature that deserved the name. Only one alarm (well, those were the days), I could live with it (though why don't include features much cheaper products have?), the problem is that you can't adjust the volume you wake up to. If you're listening to something in a volume that let you sleep in, that volume is precisely not the one you need to wake up. The Evoke flow allows you to set the alarm volume seperately, implementing a feature like this on the Sensia shouldn't be too much of a problem, but obviously nobody has thought it worth considering.

My question to the owners of the "new" Sensia 200d: Can you adjust the alarm volume level? One of the problems with most Pure radios (no bass/treble setting possible) seems to have finally been addressed with this one: it has an equalizer. On the Sensia, there are several podcast/listen again programmes you simply can't listen to: The bass is way too dominant. Again, technically it shouldn't be too much trouble to say goodbye to this apple-like "we know which settings are best for your listening experience"-attitude, but considering a "new version" of the Sensia has been put on the market, I don't expect them to spend any more time on improving the old one. Apart from the USB-recording the new Sensia seems to be a software upgrade of the old Sensia that you have to pay quite a lot of money for. The usb-recording is of course a nice gimmick, but actually I am a bit disappointed. Maybe it's time to turn my back on Pure and start looking for alternatives.

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