Why can't I buy an album?

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Why can't I buy an album?

Postby AndyCalling » Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:05 am

Hi folks. I've been using the new tag and buy feature on my Evoke Flow a little, dipping my toe in as it were. It seems quite good, but it would be far better if I could choose to buy the whole album if I want to explore the artist, rather than just the track I'm already listening to on the radio. I know I can do it from the web site, but it would be better as an option on my Evoke Flow.

Now possibly it's just me, and I'm not seeing how to do it properly. If so, give me a hand.

Otherwise, Jason and Pure, it may be worth considering. It can only make you money.

By the way, whilst you consider that one, have you made any progress in sorting out the DAB tuning bug? The improving weather is making it far worse. Sorry to sound impatient but even the option to enable duplicate stations in the settings would solve this one without needing to worry about affecting anyone unduely. Any news at all on how the process of making this change is going would be appreciated.

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