New station on The Lounge and it's dead groovy!

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New station on The Lounge and it's dead groovy!

Postby AndyCalling » Sat Feb 25, 2012 12:40 am

Hi folks. I've had one of my stations as a custom station for some time, and just recently it has turned up on The Lounge as a standard station. The station is called 'KmFm Extra', it's from Kent and it's a nice, very stable, very high quality stream. Here's the link:

So, if any of you are groovy hipsters like myself then you should shake your various funky appendages in the direction of KmFm Extra. I think it's quality stuff.

Has anyone noticed any other new arrivals lately? Perhaps they are putting lots more new stuff up there. It's a shame The Lounge doesn't have a 'New Stations' category on the front page together with the 'Most Popular' sections that lists all the new 'Live Radio' station additions as they come in. It could be fun and might broaden our listening habits, leading to further spending on Tagged tracks. Just a thought Jason...

[It should go without saying that I am sharing with the community here and not linked to the station in any way other than that I was born in Kent, but just in case...]

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