Working method: using The Lounge on Android

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Working method: using The Lounge on Android

Postby AndyCalling » Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:21 am

I have discovered that Opera Mobile (NOT Opera Mini), which is freely downloadable from the Android Market, works well with the The Lounge web site. It will play back your stations and podcasts with no problem unlike the built in Browser and Opera Mini. It's a bit big, but can be moved to your SD card. It even has a 'Turbo' mode that can realise the compression savings of Opera Mini whilst you're away from wifi, I suspect this mode won't work well with The Lounge however, as Opera Mini doesn't. Not a problem though, as I wouldn't try using 3G to listen to radio because it will eat up your data allowance like a demon. On wifi though, try Opera Mobile out and see how you go.

Now if only The Lounge had a more practical web site layout for mobile devices we wouldn't need a Pure app at all. Easy win, Pure?

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