Possible way to improve streaming performance

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Possible way to improve streaming performance

Postby AndyCalling » Sat May 14, 2011 12:36 am

Right folks, this is just a theory but it is logical an it could help with those occasional streaming glitches. Tell me what you think.

Wireless home routers usually use encryption to secure your wireless lan. Most people have seen and understood the warnings about running an open connection. Thing is, the default settings on routers are sometimes not ideal.

Most modern routers offer 3 types of encryption, possibly with some hybrids:

WEP - Old style encryption. Less secure.
WPA TKIP - Technically hackable, but largely secure.
WPA AES - Hybrid mode, not technically part of the spec. A bit better encryption than TKIP if supported on all devices.
WPA TKIP/AES - Hybrid again, drops to TKIP for devices that can't cope with WPA AES.
WPA2 AES - WPA2 devices all support AES as it is included in the spec for WPA2, in fact it is required.

Now, most modern routers and devices (if not all) will support WPA2 AES. What many don't realise is that the WPA2 spec not only requires AES, but also requires that the client end does the AES encryption in hardware. This cannot be guaranteed for WPA with AES which is not governed by standards and is largely irrelevant now WPA2 is everywhere. TKIP encryption per spec is done on the network client devices' cpus, in software, not on the wireless network card chipset in the client as WPA2 AES is done. Of course, it is possible that some devices may do TKIP in hardware, I don't know, but it is not part of or required in the spec I believe.

Now, to ensure compatibility with very old devices, many routers come defaulted to WPA TKIP mode. If you don't have any old devices that don't support WPA2, you can easily switch over to WPA2 AES.

Since your Flow radio is hardly going to have a 6 core super machine for a cpu, taking the encryption strain off the radio's tiny cpu can only be a good thing. Perhaps the extra cpu resources this frees up in your Flow will help it be more robust when running under load, ie. when streaming over the net? It rather depends on how the Flow radios work internally.

Just an idea. Can't hurt to try.

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