Easy guide to running a Windows 7 Media Server to the Evoke

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Easy guide to running a Windows 7 Media Server to the Evoke

Postby AndyCalling » Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:05 pm

Right, you can use Windows Media Player 12 and it works, it is very easy and Windows 7 help system walks you through it. It does not want to transcode though (that means letting your Evoke Flow play files it usually can't by converting them on the fly). So, no playing your OGGs and FLACs on the Evoke that way. If you just use AACs, MP3s and WMAs then this may be fine for you though.

If you need to transcode, download Serviio as recommended by someone on this forum. Get it here:


Now to use this, follow these steps:

1) Give your Evoke a static IP address. Serviio won't recognise the Evoke, not a problem but it means it will need to be sure of the Evoke's IP address on your network every time you use it to apply the correct transcode profile. Most routers can reserve an IP address for a specific MAC code (your Evoke's hardware id is it's MAC code) with a simple setting in the router options. If yours can't then you need to set up your Evoke with a fixed IP address. This is beyond the scope of this post, but your router manual (and the Evoke manual as well if you need a fixed IP) can give full details.

2) Install Serviio. When it's installed, go to where you installed Serviio on your disk and go to the '/Serviio/config' folder. Edit the file 'profiles.xml' in Notepad and insert the following to the end of the file just before the final '</Profiles>' line:

<Profile id="14" name="Pure EVOKE Flow" extendsProfileId="1">
<Audio targetContainer="mp3">
<Matches container="lpcm" />
<Matches container="flac" />
<Matches container="ogg" />

3) Restart your PC. there should now be a Serviio icon in your system tray. Use this to start the Serviio console. Select Media Server on your Evoke's menu and choose the Serviio server. On your PC, refresh the renderer profiles on the Serviio console's status tab and you should see an 'unrecognized device' on the IP your Evoke is on. Choose the 'Pure EVOKE Flow' profile for that device and hit save. On the Library tab you can choose the folder that holds your music and tick the box next to it to tell Serviio that it's a music folder. Save again. Make sure transcoding is enabled on the Transcoding tab and downmix to stereo. On the Presentation tab disable Image and Video catagories and set 'Audio' to 'Display Content Only' but leave the individual categories as 'Display Category'. Save.

You can now select the Serviio server on your Evoke and all your Flac and Ogg files will play fine, as well as the MP3s and other files the Evoke can play natively.

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Re: Easy guide to running a Windows 7 Media Server to the Ev

Postby Jason Voice » Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:29 am


I might 'pinch' some of this text and offer it as a transcode solution for WMP users and post as an FAQ on the PURE support site (http://support.pure.com) if that's ok with you?

Jason Voice

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Re: Easy guide to running a Windows 7 Media Server to the Ev

Postby AndyCalling » Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:44 pm

Fine by me. Nice to be able to help, and the good thing is that Serviio is partly an open source effort (open source libraries) so it will always be freely available.

Note that, although I imagine this will also work fine for a Siesta Flow, Avanti Flow or One Flow as well as the Evoke Flow (you may want to change the name of the profile of course, but that is all), you may want to work on the profile a bit for the Sensia Flow as this can show pictures (and possibly play video? I don't know enough about it). Serviio can transcode videos and pictures as well if you can develop the profile for your device.

Also note that this profile I have created is correct at this time (Serviio version 0.5.2). If Serviio gets updated to include other devices then you will want to tweak the 'Profile id="14"' statement to show the next available profile id number. It should be obvious from looking at the other ids in the profile.xml file, all you have to do is know how to count :)~

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Re: Easy guide to running a Windows 7 Media Server to the Ev

Postby jonh » Thu Apr 14, 2011 6:55 pm

It might be worth adding simple access instructions for popular routers - for example on the more recent Cisco (Linksys) routers in the control panel (usually

Click on Setup (Basic Setup)
Against 'DHCP Server Settings' click on the 'DHCP Reservation ' button
Fill in details against 'Manually Add Client' (I use to keep it clear of auto assigned IPs)
Click on 'Add' then on 'Save Settings'

Click on 'Refresh' to check the reserved IP address is displayed in the table.


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